10 Ways To Stay Healthy In 2017


Sometimes the best you comes with a little encouragement from the old you! When you ditch habits like smoking, drinking, and drugs - you can gain weight. Weight gain can make you really unhappy and being unhappy leads to relapse. Why not do a whole new you and eat your way to a more sober, happy self!? Check out my sweet tips below to keep you happy and healthy in the new year for a very new, amazing you!

1. Quit buying bread. A good alternative: Pretzels, Popcorn, or Baked Crackers. Enjoy them with lettuce roll-ups with lean meat, cheese and mustard or mayo, or dunk them in a cup of soup on your craving days.

2. Don’t buy any snacks in a box. Alternative: While the three I mentioned above are in a box or bag, I only eat those because they are baked or non-processed. Grab something natural.

3. No Sugary Drinks. Alternative: Sparkling water. Same fizz as pop or soda, and it's packed with healthy minerals that will make your hair and nails grow - bonus!

4. Yogurt, milk, yogurt based drinks are protein. Someone tried to tell me it was a carb once-- just no. These make great snacks if you’re feeling hungry.

5. For every 13 grams of carbs, eat 7 grams of lean protein. Examples: 1/2 cup popcorn and a yogurt drink, handful of pretzels and a few pieces of white cheddar cheese, five cracker bakes and tuna with lime & black pepper dressing.

6. If you don't have time for breakfast make a quick protein smoothie or a cup of soup.

7. If snacking is a must reach for grapes, cucumber slices, carrots, or apple slices. If you're craving carbs, follow rule #4 then #5!

8. Stay very far away from traditional Pasta, white potatoes, and fried anything! Alternatives: rice pasta, brown rice, quinoa, couscous, sweet potatoes, or spiraled butternut squash.

9. When eating out: Go for a salad or the gluten-free option. Once you see the weight- loss, you will want to eat more healthy and naturally pick what's good for you. Of course, if you want a freakin' burger, get the burger. Try them at home and use roasted sweet potato discs as a bun - absolutely delicious!

10. When it comes to drinks: Go for a glass of wine. Any clear liquor with sparkling or soda water, and a fresh lime will help you shed pounds too.

Make 2017 Your Year! Here’s to a new you!


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