Facing Regrets As An Alcoholic Or Addict

When it comes to recovery, many addicts Facing Regrets as an Alcoholic or Addict. Allowing that regret to take hold in your mind can have devastating effects on recovery and often push addicts into a state of severe depression that most often causes a relapse. Below are some great ways to get through the regret you may find overwhelming on your road to recovery.

Make Amends for Things You Regret:
Many addicts will find comfort in making amends for things they regret. With regret comes depression and shame. These kinds of feelings often creep in slowly when an addict realizes what they did while they were under the influence of drugs. Of course, it can also hit you like a ton of bricks. The best way to face your regrets initially is to list your wrongdoings and start making amends--even if it’s just a simple apology.

Accept All Those Shameful Consequences:
No matter what you have done that you regret, you need to simply accept the consequences. Some people may not forgive your wrongdoing. Others may accept it, but remind you of it from time to time. You may also have to face serious consequences like jail and/or live-in rehab treatment facilities.

Focus on Positive Life Changes:
Once you accept all the consequences of your addiction, you should focus on the positive things in life. List all the things you have to look forward to! If you can’t think of anything, create new life goals and dreams so you can focus toward living sober and staying clean.

Mood Boosting Supplements
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