Anger Management When Withdrawing From Drugs


Learning how to take a deep breath in a heated moment is key to controlling your anger through anger management when withdrawing from drugs.Explain to the person you are talking to that you need a moment to collect your thoughts. When you’re cool, calm and collected--express your thoughts in a non-confrontational way. If you find anger building back up, you may just need a serious “time out” from this person or certain people in your life.

Change Your Surroundings
When it comes to taming your anger, take a time out. If you find that a conversation is beginning to escalate--walk away and take some time to yourself. Hanging out with the same people you did when were on drugs is a “no” too. These people will cause a lot of anger, or possibly a relapse, so you have to say “goodbye” and move on from your lifestyle with drugs. 

Yoga & Meditation
Finding a way to unwind and relax is the best way to fight anger. Yoga connects the mind, body and soul through exercise and is a great way to get anger fighting endorphins released in your body. Meditation can help soothe an angry soul and get you on the right track to constantly taking your anger--especially in heated moments. A yoga class can also be a great way to meet new people, and change your surroundings for the better.

Professional Help
While the tips above are great things to add to your daily life as you detox from drugs, you might need professional help. Therapy is a great way to talk about your feelings, what you are going through, and how to face daily problems. Of course, some people do need anti-anxiety medication because the reason they turned to drugs in the first place was to deal with daily anger. Talk to a professional about all the options for you and your recovery.


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