6 Ways To Make Staying Healthy Enjoyable


6 Ways to Make Staying Healthy Enjoyable life by following these things to keep you healthy and detox free.


Shower At The Gym
Getting up and schlepping to the gym first thing in the morning will keep you from making excuses later on in the day, and get you geared up to tackle your day. Get a locker and shower at the gym, so you will want to get up and go first thing in the a.m.

Mix It Up With 20 Minute Variety Workouts
When you just don’t feel like going for 45 minutes on a treadmill or attending a class, mix things up a bit with a hard 20-minute workout. Start with a 4-minute warm up on an elliptical, hit a strength training machine for 2 minutes, then the treadmill for 1 minute. Alternate until you’ve hit 20 minutes.

Toss The Technology
Instead of using devices like the TV or a tablet right before bed, toss the tech and grab a book. Alternatively adding Yoga Nidra just before bed can help calm your mind and get you in the mood for some super-restful zzz’s.

Say No To Bars & Bites
Toss out the snacks and add more small meals throughout the day. Those bars and bites are packed with sugar, calories and processed junk.

Go Clean
Try grabbing sea salted cucumber slices instead of potato chips. Use red pepper or carrot slices to dip in hummus instead of bread or crackers. Top yogurt and ice cream with milled flaxseed instead of candy or sugar filled sauces.

Take Time Off
Your body and mind have to unwind; otherwise, you’ll run yourself into the ground and get a cold or virus if you simply don’t give yourself some rest. Carve out 20 minutes a day for a little quiet time or book that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take and give yourself a much-deserved break.

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