3 Myths & Facts about Detox


The word ‘Detox’ has been trending among people focused on health, well-being and fitness. Although there are many that agree with the benefits of detox, there are some misconceptions associated with it. We use detox to revive overall bodily functions, cleanse our internal system or even to experience better mental health. However, the problem arises when people think that they can achieve drastic weight loss or body transformation by quickly trying to eliminate all toxins from the body.

Detox needs to be a steady, stable and slow process. It needs to be introduced as a lifestyle change that will not work effectively if its rushed. In fact, it could cause more damage to your internal system if it’s not done right. The following are a few myths associated with detox and facts to counter those incorrect beliefs:

1. Myth – Detox means to starve and eat only very small portions. People who detox are usually hungry all the time.

Fact – While it is true that portion control is an important part of detox, a balanced diet doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. Starvation results in nausea, dehydration and weakness. An efficient detox diet encourages at least five portions of fruit and vegetables to be had during the day. A well balanced diet should consist of eating small meals 4-5 times a day to start.

2. Myth - Detox diets don’t require any physical activity or exercise. The food or juices alone are enough to lose weight and feel better.

Fact – Detox goals should be a combination of health as well as fitness. While it is true that a person may lose weight by eating a detox diet, they are also losing muscle weight. In order to gain a learner, stronger and wholesome internal system, the body needs as much physical activity as it needs its nourishments.

3. Myth – Consuming excessive water helps detox the body. The best way to ‘flush’ the toxins out is to drink plenty of water.

Fact – It is true that drinking water is good for a person’s kidneys and liver. However, excessive water consumption, just like anything else in extreme quantities is bad for your system. Moderation must be exercised because drinking too much water can damage the body and cause side effects like nausea, headaches and disorientation.

Written By: Vidhi Vohra

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