3 Ways To Promote Self Worth & Feel Exceptional

Many people are really hard on themselves in this day and age. They don’t live a happy life, because their self worth is damaged. This is especially true for some addicts, and owning your self worth can really help you reach goals and live happy. When it comes to feeling exceptional and promoting your self worth, here are some sweet things to do!

Take a Worthy Stand
Claim your worth and stand up for your ‘self’. Self worth is all about taking ownership of everything you love and shooting for the moon. This is especially key in sobriety. You’re awesome. You have worth. Be your own kind of beautiful. When you wake up in the morning start the day by affirming your self worth first thing in the morning. No matter what the circumstances in your life, you can own your self worth and change them.

Be Brave & Bold
Be brave, be bold - and own the decision to wake up and feel worthy everyday. Many addicts hit rock bottom. Maybe you’ve just scraped the surface. Maybe you’re not an addict or haven’t admitted that you socially drink way too much. Often those three or four cigarettes a week help you de-stress, and you’re not addicted. Be brave, be bold and admit to yourself that you have a problem. Only then can you really live up to your potential and kick those habits.

Treat Yo’ Self
You should treat yo’ self to visual reminders of how awesome you are! Whether it’s that luxury cup of coffee, a fro-yo with sprinkles, a new purse, a painting class, or a gym membership - treat yo’ self. This is a great way to promote your ‘self’ worth. You earned it, so go on and flaunt it.



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