5 Sober Date Night Ideas For Every Couple

Game Night
Being competitive with your partner will get the pheromones going! Game night can be just as fun as going out dancing, minus the rude drunk people. Staying in will keep your triggers at bay, and likely make for one more memorable evening. *wink, wink.

Hit The County Fair
Spring has sprung and so have a bunch of county fairs, state fairs and festivals. Check out the events calendar in your state or province to find all the fair fun! Even if you’re not the amusement park ride type, there are games, food and entertainment that make for one amazing date night.

Get Cultural
When it comes to entertaining dates for the sober couple, there are loads of fun cultural things you can do on date night. Check out the latest film or movie. Look for indie film festivals near you and go see the latest Cannes or Sundance release. Visit the local museum and check out some art. Your local state arts centre may have a cool play or historical display too!

Go Bowling
If you don’t want to stay in, go bowling! Bowling is fun for everyone and a great physical activity. Plus, it’s competitive. You can take a break from the activity and split some fries from the concession stand to get some one on one time, too!

Get Outdoors
Date night can always be taken outdoors. Outdoor, or even indoor, Ice Skating is a great way to spend some time with your guy or girl. Outdoor activities aren’t just limited to skating. Go for a hike and get some daytime date time in. Pack a picnic, and spend some down time with one another. With no one else around, this is a great way to really get to know one another.

Want more cool sober living fun from Mitadone? Check out our support blog. We focus on you, so you can focus on what’s important.



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