5 Tips For Staying Sober This Summer

Curb People Pleasing
Summer isn’t about anyone but you! You need to soak in the relationships with friends and
family, but still find that balance in your own life to stay on your sober track. Your summer
should be full of fun, and not full of any other priorities but the ones that keep you sober.

Create Some Balance In Your Life
Balance comes with adding the right tools to your sobriety that help keep your summer fun
and substance free. Sometimes just adding a sober supplement can help you get through
those long summer days. Mitadone is always there to help. Check out their cool
supplements that can help ease your sober mind all summer long.

Create Drink Alternatives
Non-alcoholic treats are great ways to survive parties. Check out some of our cool recipes to
keep you styling and profiling in the summer sun if someone does offer you a drink. It will
likely happen at some point, so just be prepared to “own” your sobriety and ask for a virgin

Spend Time With Some Sober Friends
If you have to go to a wedding or barbecue that has alcohol included, bring a sober date.
This is a great way to still be a part of the summer fun and not feel alone. You should also
just simply make some time with sober friends in general. Your sober friends will help you
keep the balance amongst all the cool summer activities.

Pay Attention To Yourself: You’re going to end up at parties that have alcohol this
summer. Make sure there are plenty of activities to get you through the night. Don’t be afraid
to let one person know you are sober, so that person can link in the others that you don’t
drink. That’s a great way to avoid an awkward moment too!

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