7 Things To Do Before Bed for a Better Lifestyle

Sleep is key in order to live one amazing lifestyle. When it comes to positively transitioning without stress and anxiety, you should be making sure you get a full night of rest. That means the recommended seven to nine hours of shut eye. So, what can you do before bed for a better lifestyle?
1. Make a ‘to do’ list. This will help you get all those thoughts that can keep you up at night out of your mind and onto paper. That way, you go to bed knowing you have your next day planned and you did not forget to do something or schedule something important. Structure and organization always make life a little easier.

2. Turn down for bed. This means implementing an app like F.lux to help you regulate your circadian rhythm when using a laptop or computer by dimming the backlight so your eyes know it’s nearly ‘night night’ time.

3. Fit in some exercise. Exercise is great in the evening. You work off all of the carbs and treats you might have given yourself in the day. Plus, you get your body ready to burn carbs while you sleep.

4. Eat carbs! Yes, you read that right. Now that you’ve put your body in fat burning mode, you can eat that bowl of cereal you wanted all day. Healthy carbs and natural foods are great before bed, because your body will burn that off while you sleep.

5. Cool things down in the bedroom. A cooler bedroom will help regulate your body temperature while you sleep, so you stay asleep all night long.

6. Grab a cup of tea. Certain teas are sleep inducing. Caffeine free teas like Rooibos stimulate weight loss while you sleep, so you can burn even more calories while dreaming.

7. Create a bedtime routine. Every night that you continue to do the things you do before bed, your body will start to wind down knowing it’s time for bed!

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