7 Ways To Survive Social Situations When You’re Sober

1. Bring a Sober Date: Having a sober partner in crime with you always helps ease tension.

2. Grab a Non-Alcoholic Beverage When You Walk In The Door: Keeping a non- alcoholic drink in your hand will be less suspecting to those drinking, and keep you from being handed a glass of booze.

3. Prepare a Response: People will be nosey and ask why you aren’t drinking. Just be sure to have a response. You don’t have to disclose that you are sober if you do not want to - so make up a great answer. You can even be funny as a man, and say you are pregnant. Making a quick joke can also ease tension for people who don’t know you and aren’t sure how to respond to sober people when they drink.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Somewhere Quiet: It’s okay to want to take a timeout. Networking and being socially responsible amongst others, especially if there is alcohol being served, is exhausting for people who don’t have addictions as well. Don’t be afraid to find a quiet spot and do some breathing exercises or call a friend.

5. Have Support On Speed Dial: That’s why you should always have someone on speed dial who can talk you through challenging situations. Walking away from a party is not unacceptable when it comes to taking a call. Just politely step away, and if you step back into the conversation apologize for leaving and leave at that. You’ll seem mysterious and polite.

6. Curb Anxiety With Supplements: It’s okay to admit you need a little help to get through the evening, and taking a sober supplement like Mitadone can help curb triggers like stress and anxiety that can easily arise in social situations where you are around new people.

7. Prepare an Excuse to Leave: When it all comes down to it, you don’t have to stay at a party if you don’t want to. Have the courage to say that you have an early meeting, or another engagement and get outta dodge if you aren’t feeling it. Sober or not, sometimes parties aren’t all that great and if you’re ready for pjs and tv - then dip out and do you!



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