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Drug Rehab Centres by mitadone group has been well versed since long in detoxification and saving of drug addicts. The medications used in the detox process cover benzodiazepines , clonidine, to decrease the symptoms like severe tremor, raised blood pressure, tension, depression, and the medicine carbamazepine which is an anticonvulsant consumed for preventing attacks and so.

Quite lately, the outpatient process looks to be more effective compared to the inpatient kind for those not very severely affected. It is less costly as well but necessitates follow-up daily by the clinical agents along with time to time monitoring by care takers. It is highly carried out by usage of tranquilizers like oxazepam 15 to 30 mg, lorazepam 2 mg, chlordiazepoxide 50 mg, diazepam 10 mg, which should be taken up every 6 hours during the initial 24 hours. More medication is provided if found necessary. The prescribed doses are increased or decreased based on symptoms. Great care for the patients taking such a process covers giving a good treatment for nutritional voids, deficiencies of electrolytes, regular monitoring during withdrawal, soft handling of the patient’s abstinence from a regular life, and giving options of other alcoholism cure programs.

There is no proven pharmacology treatment currently for cocaine addictions. Various kinds of treatments are being used in the detox of cocaine, but the chronic cocaine stoppage has been seen to cause anxiety, and heavy longings for the drug. An extensive range of medications is considered to address this. Antidepressants like desipramine, a mixture of fenfluramine and phentermine are recommended to handle the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine, like depression. Benzodiazepines, Diazepam, are known to reverse anxiety caused by cocaine abstinence. Amantadine treats patients dependent on cocaine, those facing heavy withdrawal symptoms and those who have a high craving. Toxic effects later in life due to some drugs are also possible. Any treatment needs careful handling and diligence in procedures. Contact us Mitadone@gmail.com for such a sincere care.

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