Happiness: It Comes From Within!

It can't be said enough that “happiness can only come from within”. The words are repeated so often that by now you’d think it would be a universal truth, yet many people just roll their eyes and grumble through each day. Stop for a moment and think about how you might feel if you looked for the beauty in everything – including yourself – rather than only seeing imperfection?

What you choose to focus on today will affect how you feel tonight. Your circumstances don’t create your mood – your mind creates your mood. Where are you spending your valuable time and energy?

Sometimes it’s hard to just ‘let it go’ and exhale the tension and frustration we feel when things don’t go well in our daily lives. A little extra traffic in the morning snowballs into feeling like you’re ten minutes behind for everything all day.

Negativity is a habit, but so is being happy. Thankfully, habits can be changed. Slowly, sometimes, and with great effort, but new mental pathways can form along with new physical routines. Finding new ways to form healthier, happier habits starts small:

  • Get some sunshine! Your sleep-wake cycles are dictated by the sun, and if you don’t see the sun, your body struggles to balance itself. Get outside for some fresh air.
  • Get your vitamins! Check your diet and make sure you’re eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in a variety of colors for the most healthy, natural vitamin and mineral intake.
  • Get good sleep! Your body will feel run down and sluggish if you’re not well-rested, and that tired feeling will invade your day. Consider taking a great supplement that helps calm you along with providing essential vitamins and minerals for health, mood support and stress relief.

If you seek perfection within all things, you will find it. But if you choose to look for pain, then you will find that too. How we choose to perceive the world is ours.

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