Qi Gong & Why It’s Good For You

What is Qi Gong?
An ancient Chinese health care system, Qi Gong was developed in many disciplines in order to integrate physical poses, breathing techniques, and your focused mental intention. Unlike yoga, the practice of Qi Gong was born from two words. The word Qi, pronounced “chee”, translates to “the energy or life force that flows through all things in the universe”. Gong, being the second word and pronounced “gung”, means to cultivate accomplishment and skill through steady practice. Combined the word Qigong (Chi Kung) means “cultivating energy”; which is what you want to accomplish in the everyday practice of this ancient art.

Benefits of Qi Gong
Those who maintain a consistent practice of this amazing health care system benefit greatly. Qi Gong is known to reduce stress and build stamina, as well as improve vitality, and build a strong immune system. Other benefits include improved cardiovascular health, an increase in respiratory and circulatory efficiency, and super-healthy digestive functions. Regardless of your age, ability and life circumstances there is a Qi Gong style for you! So, how is it practiced in the modern world?

Practicing Qi Gong
The Qi Gong health practices are often classed in one of three disciplines: medical, martial, or spiritual in nature. All three styles of Qi Gong have something in common. Each discipline involves a position, combined with breathing techniques, and a focal point. Some disciplines increase the Qi; others circulate it for premium cultivation, others use it to cleanse and heal your body, some store it, and one may completely omit the Qi in order to help heal those in a group practice. Each Qi Gong style varies from an internal practice like Tai Chi to extreme contact styles like Kung Fu. All styles can be adapted for those who need modifications for health reasons or physical limitations.


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