Breaking The Stigma of Addiction: How To Modernize Treatments

“While the definition of addiction has changed, why haven’t we?” This question is one often posed by people across the U.S. -- more than ever, with the ever increasing problem with prescription pain pills. Opiates are ruining so many lives, so why have the The problem that most treatment professionals are seeing is that the way in which the addict is treated is simply outdated. In an interview with Huffington Post, Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie tells us exactly what we need to do for addicts today...

At Mitadone we are committed to giving you the tools you need to recover. We want you to know that you aren’t being judged and we want to give you the tools you need to get better. So how do you open a line of communication on a state and local level to help addicts move forward with recovery?

Be Pro Life For The Whole Life
Just like Chris Christie states, you need to be pro life for the whole life. That means helping people through every stage of their life - especially in the middle of addiction. Addicts often feel discarded, worthless, and there are underlying reasons that triggered habitual drug use to begin with. Why not be the support someone needs. The encouraging words they need to get through one day at a time, can come from you. If you stop blaming them for their drug use, and start helping with their recovery.

Address New Treatments
Treatments for drug and alcohol addiction have come a very long way in the last few years. Politicians and doctors are starting to see that jail isn’t a form of recovery. Supplements and natural tapering is a more prescribed form for recovery from addiction than man-made drugs like suboxone. Addicts in recovery are often encouraged to join sober living communities and go to sober raves.

No matter what you think about addiction, we should all be helping one another break the stigma of addiction and helping addicts find more long term solutions for their new sober life.



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