Build Yourself A Sweet Sobriety Toolbox

Successful sobriety is a goal. To reach your goals you’re going to need some tools. Tools are there to help you focus on you, and making sure that you jump every sobriety hurdle with ease. Whether you’ve been sober for a while or are on the cusp of getting sober, a sobriety toolbox can help.

Get Your Meditation On
Write up a list of your favorite meditations. Stick them in an envelope. Put them in your tool box. Grab one when the going gets tough, and breathe it out.

Simply Sweet Treats
Treat yo’ self! No, really. Go load up some awesome gift cards to your favorite fo-yo spot, a killer juice bar, or tea/coffee shop. Finding a little quiet time in the day to brush off anxiety and anger, with a treat, will turn you attitude around. Stress affects us all, and a treat will curb your need to fall off the wagon.

Savvy Sober Supplements
Pack your toolbox with your favorite supplements. Sobriety changes. One week you might need a withdrawal supplement. Next week, you need stress management. Mitadone has got you covered!

Exercises To Boost Mood
Yoga. Yoga. And more yoga. We can’t say enough amazing things about how yoga will help clear your mind and strengthen your body. If your addiction stems from an accident that caused opiate addiction-- this tool is key to your sobriety. You will gain focus and begin to strengthen your body to do cardio and strength training.

Diets That Make Your Life Ah-Mazing
Some people have no idea how important the food you eat is to your sobriety. You never know what your sober taste buds may like. Write down some killer recipes. Put them in your toolbox and fall in love with food all over again!



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