Can You Take Workout Supplements During Recovery?

For some recovering addicts, treatment isn’t all that simple. One of the things you can be encouraged to do during recovery is to become more physically active. Getting into the gym, taking up running or joining a piyo class could start to replace your addiction with a lot of positive vibes. You may want to peak your performance with a supplement - but is taking performance enhancing supplements okay during recovery?

The Pros
Workout supplements and shakes can enhance endurance, focus and mentality when working out. They also help produce faster results in the gym. Many see workout supplements or performance enhancing shakes to be acceptable in recovery because they are legal, just like drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes are used as an aide in recovery.

So, why would they be considered bad for recovery?

The Cons
If you are already taking supplements, like Mitadone, you may want to think twice about taking performance enhancing supplements. Even weight loss supplements can be detrimental to your recovery. Why? Certain supplements could compromise your sobriety, if they mimic your drug of choice. This is especially evident for those who take speed, ice, or meth. The argument against using performance enhancing or workout supplements in recovery lies in the fact that you don’t know how supplements that provide “energy” are going to react with your sober lifestyle. You could crash and burn.

What To Do
● Talk to your doctor first. Once I was drinking White Tea to lose weight. My doctor told
me tea was fine, as long as it did not contain licorice. High levels of licorice, often found in green teas, can spike your blood pressure. To insanely high levels. Which can have an adverse effect on sobriety and be one very big trigger to use.

● Talk to your counselor or friends. Sometimes a good diet can help, especially if you
are already taking a proven detox supplement like Mitadone.



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