Detox & Sleep For The Ultimate Rest

When it comes to getting clean and staying clean, you really need to revive your body with really good sleep. The best way to get real rest and the kind of rest your body needs, is by introducing a whole new sleeping plan. You may find when you are in recovery that sleep is difficult. Check out these amazing tips to help you recover with healthy sleep.

Sleep Inducing Foods
Pack your evening with sleep inducing treats and kick start your body into going to bed. While your instant thought might be to reach for tryptophan filled turkey, there are loads of other delicious foods that can help you rest better for a better recovery and lifestyle. Try:

● Apricots stuffed with goat cheese and crushed almonds

● Berries and vanilla yoghurt with honey

● Hummus and pita with fresh vegetables

● Peanut butter & banana on a whole grain toasted bagel

● Turkey & cheese on pretzels or wheat pita

Sleep Aiding Supplements
Sometimes our brains need help to naturally follow our body to sleep. One natural supplement that can help you make positive changes in your life and bring you into a more healthy sleep pattern is Mitadone. The supplements are not only for alcohol and opiate recovery, but for managing daily stress and anxiety that can be brought on any time of the day.

Go for a Cup of "Sleepy Time" Tea
You’ve probably learned in recovery that drunk sleeping is not sleeping. Sleeping when you’re coming down from drugs isn’t really REM or deep sleep either. Your body really needs a good rest to recoup for all the activities of the next day and to help you stay mentally focused on continually staying sober. Instead of over the counter pills that can be triggers, reach for a calming or relaxing sleep inducing tea, like:

● Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra

● Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night

● Snore and Peace Tea by Clipper

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