Fight Your Depression With Clean Living & Healthy Weight Loss

One of the most horrendous things associated with being sober is the depression that can kick in and cause you to binge eat and spend most of your time on the couch. Sometimes the struggle in being sober, no matter what kind of addiction you have kicked, is simply getting your life back and finding ways to live happy. Some people can find happiness in food or staying indoors. You’ve taken a step toward sobriety, so why not take a few steps to getting your life back.

Take a Weight Loss Challenge
One of the things making waves this time of year is weight loss. So why not join a healthy living group on Facebook and really work your diet with some positive people. You can share healthy recipes like the ones in our blog, encourage one another, and really stay focused with a challenge group.

Add a Stress Reducing Supplement
Check out Mitadone Anxiety, Stress Relief & Mood Support. This is great for those with long term stress and anxiety that sometimes isn’t associated with addiction, persay, but more daily living. With the right diet, exercise and mood support for healthy serotonin levels in your brain, with natural supplements like Mitadone, you’ll sleep better too!

Get Active
Adding something as simple as 7,500 steps a day to your daily routine could bring on significant weight loss. If you choose to go to the gym or take a class, make sure you get 30 minutes of cardio in 3 to 4 times a week with a regimen of strength training exercises in between. On your down days do some yoga to keep your body, mind and soul focuses on the bigger picture. With some healthy lifestyle changes and Mitadone, you can “Go Above and Beyond Your Triggers With Yoga!”



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