Get Off Pain Killers & Say Goodbye To Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Painkillers are a slippery slope and can cause some serious mood swings. One minute you’re abusing something that is medically prescribed and the next minute you’re buying heroin because it’s cheaper than the pills. When it comes to getting off them for good, you should be looking to home remedies. Yep. That’s right. You can get off pills and take your life back at home before you fall down that slippery slope into a dark hole.

So how do you say ‘goodbye’ to your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Natural Supplements
You can naturally detox in the comfort of your own home with a 3 Step Program from Mitadone. The Anti-Opiate Aid Extra Strength - 3 Step Program is the perfect way to taper yourself safely off of opiates and take your life back. This natural supplement program includes a 5 Day Detox to effectively help rid your body of toxins all while managing stress and symptoms of withdrawal. Combined with a counselor who does not prescribe medication, this can spell serious success for one natural detox.

Non-Traditional Therapy
During your detox you should be taking therapy, but you don’t have to do an all traditional therapy program. Combine your counseling and natural supplements with something fun like art therapy, pet therapy or horticulture therapy. You should find something you love to do to express your emotions. From playing with kittens, to planting a community garden, or finding a love for oil paint - there is something for everyone to have a little fun.

Yoga & Meditation
Change the way you start your day or settle down for the evening. You need to shake things up in a good way to get out of your ‘funk’ and into a more happy, sober you. Check out Start Your Day Right & Get Out Your Yoga Mat. This is a great way to put some yoga and meditation into your life for genuine focus on getting off painkillers and getting back to you.



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