Give Your Treatment a Makeover: Modern Sober Living

Most people will agree that when it comes to sober living, you should pull yourself out of the environment that triggers you to ditch sober living. Whether you're addicted to alcohol or opiates, uppers or downers, sober living takes a boat load of commitment and tenacity. Living sober in a modern world takes even more daily commitment as the challenges can be more ‘in your face’ since media plays such a large part of our daily lives with tablets, smartphones and laptops constantly in our faces.

Get Back to Nature
When you feel a craving coming on, just get out of the element you are in. Take a walk, go sit by the sea, go on a hike. Anything that will take your mind elsewhere. Call a sober friend to go with you and just talk about things. This is one of the best things you can do for a better sober living with so much technology in your face.

Grab a Supplement
When it comes to all the stress that comes along with sober living, it’s okay to admit you can’t do it on your own. While treatment centers are the best at initially getting sober, you won’t live there for life. Going into the world sober can be scary too, and stress and anxiety will pop up when you least expect it. Add a supplement like Mitadone and curb all those unnatural vibes.

Tak a Class
One of the best ways to get out of your element and into new places and practices while making new friends - take a class. Find something that sober you enjoys immensely. Like yoga or painting. The activity can be singular, so that you are focusing on a better you. Get out of the house and get happy. Meet new people who bring light to your life, and you’ll start to love the sober you.

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