Go Above & Beyond Your Triggers With Yoga

Triggers happen all day, every day when you are trying to really nail sobriety. Stress is the biggest trigger and it can come out of nowhere. No matter what kind of situation you find yourself in, implementing some simple yoga techniques can safely bring you over the hurdle and keep you in one sublimely sober state of being.

Breathing Techniques for Yoga Beginners
Nadi Shodhana or “alternate nostril breathing” is great for stressful situations. Walk away and get in a relaxed, quiet space. Sit and hold your right thumb over your right nostril, and inhale through your left nostril. As you reach the top of your breath, quickly close off the left nostril with your left thumb and exhale through the right nostril. Repeat this pattern of breath five to ten times.

Simple Meditation
Simply being mindful and clearing your mind for five to ten minutes a day is a great yoga technique for those who need to get their mind away from whatever is going on. Find a very quiet space and sit down. With your eyes closed, focus on your breathe and the stillness around you. Breathe in through your nose for a count of four, then out through your mouth for a count of six; repeat this five to ten times. Your mind should be clear and ready for a different way of thinking.

Add Stress Relieving Supplements
Some people sincerely need soul soothing supplements to go with their simple yoga and get over the massive hurdles - and that’s okay. Sobriety is one day, one moment, one hurdle at a time. Natural detox supplements like Mitadone can help you de-stress and manage daily life with ease. From opiate to heroin withdrawal, and alcohol Mitadone is the most effective, natural withdrawal aid to help curb symptoms and cravings to help you successfully cut back or quit.

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