Groom Yourself Happy: Get a Brighter Outlook on Life

When you’re down in the dumps, for any reason whatsoever, a little personal pick me up can really give you a brighter outlook on life. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it either! Get a little glammed up to keep your attitude and outlook on life bright and happy. What are the best ways to give your look a little uplift?

Color Me Happy
Going a shade lighter, getting highlight or lowlights, or just giving yourself a total change can be a great way to brighten up your face. Some of the biggest hair trends this year are super-subtle. Like mirco-highlights. They’re designed to give you that baby face highlight, and fade out naturally so you don’t look like you’ve had any cosmetic hair work done.

Manscape Your Way To Feeling Awesome
Sometimes the right shave can make you feel pampered and ready to take on the day! Look for classic barber shops that give you the full monty of manscaping treatment. Go for a straight shave with lots of lather, trim up that beard or stache, learn how to keep it styled with oil - and you’ll be pimpin’ your way through life in no time.

Massage Your Stress Away
If you’re not really into going for a new look, that’s okay. You can pamper your life bright with a simple massage. Combined with an anti-stress and anxiety supplement for your mind, a massage helps your body unwind. If you’re not a people person, try a hydrotherapy massage bed. Just as awesome, you can do 10 to 30 minute sessions that get the kinks out and put a little pep in your stress-free step.

Airbrush Your Body Bright
A healthy glow can also boost your attitude, help you look super-healthy and have you feeling awesome. Try an airbrush tan in lieu of the tanning bed to keep your skin youthful, but glowing bright!



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