Holiday Meal Ideas for One Happy Christmas

The holidays can be very stressful and that’s the last thing you need on your plate while living sober this year. Winter is all about comfort and staying cozy, so your holiday menus should incorporate all of the winter favorites you can get your hands on. Seasonal vegetables, fruits, and hearty meats are delicious items to add to any holiday menu. Here’s how to make the most out of your holiday meal and keep your life stress free!

Go Timeless & Classic Holiday

Serve all the classic hors d'oeuvres you can think of on decorated plates. Think:

● Prosciutto wrapped melon
● Olives
● Mini gherkins
● Cherry tomatoes
● Sun-dried tomatoes
● Mini mozzarella balls
● Mixed nuts
● Crudite platters
● Hummus and pita bread
● Arancini

Put it all out on a decorated plate and let guests munch as they please.

● Timeless and classic holiday menus also include serving delicious punch made with ice cream or sherbet! There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a festive drink without the booze.

● Give guests a table with all the mini pies you can find for dessert!

Delicious Main Holiday Meals

For the main meal go full-on holiday meal style with things like:

● Cornish hens
● Potatoes - mashed, scalloped, buttered, whatever
● French green beans
● Cranberry sauce
● Sweet potatoes
● Fresh Bread

You can still make family meals fancy, so don’t be afraid to add garlic, almonds, or berries to dishes and spruce up your holiday dinner.

Winter Wonderland Buffett
You can give guests a sweet buffet, that way you won’t have the stress of serving a four course dinner.

● Bacon wrapped asparagus makes for a great starter. Or mini cups of tomato soup and mini-grilled cheese.

● Give guests something to warm their hearts with something like carved ham, prime rib and roast potatoes, lasagna or spaghetti & meatballs , macaroni and cheese - you know, all that comfort food galore.

● Finish it all off with a hot chocolate bar or a build your own s'mores bar!

Happy Holiday Cooking!

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