How Helping Others Could Help You Stay Sober

When it comes to getting sober and staying sober, helping others could really turn things around for making your sobriety stick - one day at a time. Finding a positive social network can actually be the key in staying sober and kicking your old habits. Recent studies are helping the sober community overcome relapse one helping hand at a time.

“Helping others may have a unique impact on maintaining long-term sobriety, she says, because it appears to decrease some of the psychological markers of the disease—high levels of narcissism and entitlement—that make one prone to addiction and less likely to enter recovery in the first place. Having a chance to “get over yourself” through helping others can also lead to better interpersonal interactions, in particular with other recovering addicts,” Maria Pagano of Case Western University told Huffington Post.

Pagano and her colleagues have spent decades researching alcoholism and finding out just the things that help people tackle alcoholism and really stay sober. “Helping others can help you affiliate and get to know a sober network,” says Pagano. “It’s a natural way to introduce yourself and get to know people; it’s also helpful as a distraction from inner angst that’s often a part of recovery.”

Helping others can help you overcome the “angst” that comes along with alcoholism.
Some great ways to get helping and nail being sober include:

● Volunteering at community centers, nursing homes and addiction recovery homes.

● Donating your time to the local homeless, men or women’s shelter.

● Getting involved with community events like film festivals, art walks or shows, sober raves and church activities.

No matter what you like to do, there are always volunteer opportunities where you can lend a helping hand and really stick to living sober! For more amazing sobriety news and clean living advice check out all the other awesome stuff on Mitadone’s Support Blog:

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