How Medical Marijuana & Supplements Can Help End The Opioid Epidemic

With opioids on the rise in rural America, many doctors are turning to natural supplements
and medical marijuana to aid in solving the crisis. Which leads many people to ask: Can it
end the opioid epidemic?

According to Time Magazine, studies have found “that when states legalized medical
marijuana, prescriptions dropped significantly for painkillers and other drugs for which pot
may be an alternative. Doctors in a state where marijuana was legal prescribed an average
of 1,826 fewer doses of painkillers per year.” When combined with legal supplements like
Mitadone the success rate for sobriety skyrockets. This is due to the fact that medical
marijuana and supplements do not require tapering like man-made suboxone.

While pharmaceutical companies manufactured suboxone as an answer to the opioid and
heroin crisis, more and more doctors have started leaning toward natural supplements and
medical marijuana due to their success rate in cities like Boston, Massachusetts. “Since
1999, overdose deaths in the U.S. involving opioids (prescription painkillers and heroin) have quadrupled.” More and more physicians have been leaning toward clinical marijuana now that those statistics keep rising.

Medical marijuana coupled with a natural detox supplement, like Mitadone, is a great
solution to multi-generational use of opioids, as well; especially those seen in rural families
who have multiple members using. Simply because you can get sober together and all be on
the same path to sobriety under the physician of one doctor. “Dr. Donald Abrams, chief of
the Hematology-Oncology Division at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, says
anything that makes a dent in an epidemic that kills 80 Americans every day is worth
consideration - especially since medical pot is proving in studies to be an effective treatment
for pain.” Which leaves the question:

When will lawmakers, state government, and politicians take the next step to use
these natural, effective, long-lasting answers to the opioid epidemic?



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