How To Develop An Opiate Recovery Plan

Successful opiate tapering requires you to develop a recovery plan. Don’t worry, recovery plans are simple, straightforward and easy to follow. The only thing you will need is a physician to sit down with and help you develop the best plan for you and the opiate you are tapering from, as well as the right attitude toward taking your life back - to be the best you!

1. Set a goal with your doctor in order to lower your dose, safely over time, in order to remain reasonably comfortable as you quit opiates.

2. Taper periods are usually 4 to 6 weeks long. Sit down with your doctor and decide how long you should taper, the doses to taper down to, and what supplements or changes need to be made to your diet for a successful taper.

3. At the end of your taper schedule you will begin your complete detox period. One week prior to detox, start taking Mitadone Anti-Opiate Aide. Combined with a 5 Day Detox supplement, you can safely repair cells and repair your body through natural detoxification. Accute opiate detox lasts up to 7 days, and can be made much easier with the aide of a natural supplement like Mitadone.

4. After the 5 to 7 day detox period, you will go into recovery. During recovery you may experience “Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms”. Things like depression, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia - the usual suspects. Adding a stress support supplement like Anxiety & Stress Relief from Mitadone, will help you recover with ease.

5. Don’t be afraid to just stop the opiates when you finish your tapering schedule. A lot of people have a massive fear of just quitting the opiates, but with the aid of supplements like Mitadone, and a great doctor - you can do it!



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