How To Take The Anxiety Out Of Talking To Your Boss

Talking to your boss always comes with a certain degree of fear. Whether you are pitching new ideas for the company, need a day off, or want a raise - these can all add some unwanted or extra stress to your plate. When it comes to getting the answer you want from your boss, there’s actually a science to it all. So what days of the week will work out best for your upper management requests?

The beginning of the week is the day to ask your boss for that much needed time off. Yep, he or she will be in a great mood having just come off of a great weekend. So, your boss may be more apt to give you some vacation time yourself.

Since the week has already started, Tuesday is the best day to give your boss any bad news. When you break that bad news on Tuesday your boss will know they have the rest of the week to clean up what’s gone wrong. This is also a great day to offer help with anything that goes wrong with your company.

Hump day is the best day to ask for that raise you think you deserve! Apparently managers feel more charitable on Wednesday than any other day of the week.

Got some new, creative ideas floating around in your head? Thursday is the day to present them to your boss. Most managers and corporate CEOs tend to be more open minded on Thursdays.

It’s almost quitting time, so ask for favors! That’s right. Your boss is over it all, just like you are; thus, they will be more likely to give you want you want or need. Embrace the TGIF!

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