How To Talk To Your Doctor About Sober Supplements

Doctors have actually started working with police and the community to combat opioid epidemics across the U.S. Bruce Latham, a doctor who practices right in the middle of rural New Hampshire’s opioid drug addiction crisis is one of those doctors. “I don’t judge these kids because I understand addiction and understand what dopamine does to your brain,” Latham states, describing how opioids target the brain’s reward system by releasing dopamine, a chemical that regulates feelings of pleasure. Many of these doctors are now working with patients to find supplement programs, like Mitadone, to get addicts off opiates for good.

So How Do You Talk To Your Doctor About Addiction?

Be Honest
The hard part is over. You’ve admitted to yourself that you need help. Doctors are one of your best allies in your fight against addiction. So, be open about your treatment. That way you can find the best, natural way to get off drugs for good. Natural supplements have a higher, long-term success rate than pharmaceuticals for opiate tapering. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

Open The Door To Supplements
Research addiction supplements before you talk to your doctor. Knowing what supplements do, how they can help in treatment and stress, and just what they’re made with can help you and your doctor find the right supplement for your sober lifestyle. A pioneer in detox and withdrawal supplements, Mitadone even has a support blog that can help you and your doctor set up the best treatment plan ever!

Go In With a Positive Outlook
You’re scared. You’ve just admitted, or are on the cusp of admitting, that you are an addict. People say some might nasty things to addicts, because they don’t understand addiction. Your doctor's office, much like church or counseling, is a safe place. Go into your doctor’s office to talk about supplements with a positive attitude. Your doctor is going to be empathetic. Doctors are there to help you get clean and live a healthy life. They aren’t going to judge you, they’re going to help you be the best you!



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