Opiate Tapering: A Safe Alternative To Minimizing Withdrawal Symptoms

When it comes to quitting opiates, there are some safe and healthy alternatives to things like suboxone or other prescription drugs. Many people think that opiate tapering is horrendous and causes side effects you would get from going cold turkey. However, patients who have undergone opiate tapering and doctors who work in the pain medication field of study have a different story.

Will Opiate Tapering Work For You?
According to an article published by Partnership for Drug Free Kids, “In many cases, patients who are able to taper off opioids find their pain doesn’t increase, and in some cases, it actually decreases, according to Beth Darnall, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Pain Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine. This makes it one extraordinary way to crush symptoms and keep side effects at bay. “A lot of people falsely assume that if you taper off opioids your pain will spike, your depression and anxiety will increase and you will fall apart,” said Dr. Darnall. “They think opioids are holding them together.” We found one person with a success story and advice on opiate tapering that backs up what Dr. Darnall states.

Opiate Tapering Success
Personal success is one of the greatest ways to see opiate tapering at work. Brittany McComas was on a daily regimen of tramadol after breaking her spine. She took a high dose tramadol for nearly two years just to accomplish daily activities due to the severe break she suffered. She couldn’t walk more than two blocks without getting piercing back pain or even do the dishes. In an attempt to take back her life from opiates, she decided to undergo opiate tapering with her physician. Three months after the end of her tapering, she hiked Mt. Etna in Sicily.

“I am proof that opiate tapering is a safe alternative and an amazing way to get off of opiates. I think with the right supplements, a great diet, lots of fun exercise, and the will to push past pain killers, you can do anything.”

Want more great news and advice on opiate withdrawal and amazing ways to take your life back? Check out the rest of your sweet life advice and stories in our Mitadone Support Blog. “We focus on you, so you can focus on what’s important.”



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