Our 3 Favorite Teas To Help You Detox

When it comes to drinking your way to detox, teas are a delicious way to curb cravings and add super sweet, disease-fighting antioxidants to your diet. Whether you enjoy yours hot or iced, tea can help you burn fat, stay alert and focused, reduce stress, as well as fight free radicals that age your skin and cause cancer. Check out the delicious teas you can add to your daily diet for delicious ways to detox.

White Tea
White tea is the best tea for detox diets that help you shed unwanted pounds. Simply add 3 cups of this fat-blocking miracle tea to your detox diet, and watch the pounds fall off. The Zero Belly Diet calls it “Spanx in a cup.” Delicious and light, white tea is great served warm with honey, as an iced drink option, or with a sprig of mint for a little morning kick.

Green Tea
If you want a high antioxidant tea that helps combat disease brew some green tea! This bad-boy of the tea varieties is great for a liver detox, too. Serve it hot or iced, just be sure the brand you buy does not contain licorice as copious amounts of tea with licorice can spike your blood pressure to dangerously high levels. You can also make a green tea detox smoothie with spinach, lemon, ginger, green tea and ice to keep colds at bay. 

Rooibos Tea
The miracle tea with a hearty flavor rooibos tea, or red bush tea, reduces stress as well as skin redness. This delicious tea with a hint of vanilla has so many antioxidants it is often referred to as the African cousin to Green Tea. Rooibos is great served hot with a touch of milk and honey. Not to mention it helps you lose weight!

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