Sober Raves: The New Way To Have Some Sublimely Sober Fun

When it comes to living a stress free, sober life - it does not mean, in any way, that your life has to be boring. While most treatment programs will tell you to change your lifestyle and not do the same things you did when you partied, that’s all well and good - but it’s hard. If things like dancing make you happy, you don’t have to cut them out. You can still go clubbing, you just can’t do it with booze or drugs. You can still rage against the machine, you just have to do it sober…

Originally designed to bring conscious clubbing to the world, sober raves are sincerely amazing. These raves include mindfulness activities, coffee, yoga and loads of dancing. The people who host these events are sincerely some of the most loving, happy people you will meet - and for someone who is living sober, that could be the most amazing thing you can do for your sobriety. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, happy people who love life - what better way to be sober!?

The purpose of sober raves is to give people the chance to get up and dance. Having a dance party in the morning gives you the opportunity to express yourself. According the The Guardian, “Samantha Moyo, the “founding mother” of Morning Gloryville, began putting on these shows with a friend in May 2013. As a former hedonist, he idea came to her as a “vision of conscious clubbing”. For her, a Morning Gloryville event “bridges the gap between the spiritual getting-into- your-body feel, and a ‘let’s go out and party’ vibe”.”

Sober raves seem like one fabulous way to start your day! Beside a treatment course, and adding supplements to your daily sober life, why not - “Have some coffee, do some yoga, and get some hugs.”


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