Social Alcoholism & Binge Drinking: Why They Can Be Very Dangerous

Some people will deny they are an alcoholic because they are not a textbook, clinically diagnosed with alcoholism. Most often because they don’t think they are an alcoholic, because they don’t have ‘problems’. You will often hear binge drinkers admit that they consume a very large amount of alcohol, but they are in fact “not an alcoholic”.

Often times social drinkers can develop alcoholism in the form of binge drinking that leads to absence of time due to blackouts. Most people who binge drink on the regular don’t even think they have a problem, because they don’t realize that binge drinking is and can be just as dangerous as being a clinical alcoholic.

So why is social alcoholism so dangerous?
People who socially drink to a point of blacking out can put themselves in very dangerous situations that a clinical alcoholic may not. For instance:

● Have you ever woke up in bed with someone you did not know you went home with?

● Woke up in your own bed and not know how you got there?

● Did you drive home from a party or bar and have no idea how?

● Or have you ever drank to the point that you can’t remember large periods of time?

These things can lead to a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as car accidents with deadly outcomes for the binge drinker or someone else. All because most social alcoholics will drive extremely intoxicated, especially during the day to avoid police who normally patrol at night.

So, how do you make someone aware that they are a social alcoholic and/or binge drinking?

The same way you talk to someone who is a clinically diagnosed alcoholic in a traditional sense. Talk to them about their problems. Don’t attack the person. Explain that you are concerned. Help them find an outpatient treatment center. Help them change their environment.

Above all, help them deal with the stress and anxiety that could be contributing to their problem or that they will experience when they quit drinking. Check out Mitadone. Not only do they offer some amazing, natural supplements for withdrawal symptoms and stress. They also have more amazing blogs to help you live a clean and sober life. One stress-free day at a time!

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