Start Your Day Out Right & Get Your Mat Out

How Does Morning Yoga Help You Start Right?
● When you commit to a morning yoga routine, you’ll improve your sleep patterns.

● You’ll develop long lean muscles that can help your body deal with stressors throughout the day like sitting at a desk or standing for long hours.

● Clarify your mind to run on an all day stimulus rather than on autopilot, by giving your brain some power when it’s most susceptible to waking up and wakening the mind.

● You’ll connect your body, mind and soul to your breathe to keep stress at bay all day long!

● Enjoying morning yoga in the natural light of the beginning of the day can help bring you into the present at a more sweet pace, so you’ll be ready to really take on the day with one positive outlook on life.

Want a great yoga routine to get you going in the morning? Check out: 3 Ways To Align Your Chakra For Amazing Addiction Recovery. We can help you stay de- stressed and sober for a more clean lifestyle.

Want more awesome clean living advice, tips & tricks? Check out all we have to offer in our Mitadone Support Blog. From recipes to health and beauty, or how to make everyday count, we’ve got clean living covered!



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