The Art of Sicilian Food For Recovery

Whilst tapering from opiates, I found myself in the most fortunate place: Sicilia. Catania to be exact. Sicily is filled with people who have very hard lives as their economy isn’t as great as it is in mainland Italy. What I found with these people is heart, passion, and a massive love for food. They made me appreciate life and ingredients that grow from the volcanic ash of Mt. Etna, an active Volcano on the island. One of the most important things in recovery is to find a zest for life again, and making the beautiful food below can help you get in touch with your inner passion again.

The Art of Bruschetta
Pronounced ‘Brooskeda’, this is one of the most delectable dishes of Sicily. Sicilians use
every color tomato to make this delicious dish, and it is best served with friends and
sparkling water.

You’ll Need:
Loaf of fresh Italian bread, preferably baked with unbleached flour and non-enriched
1 cup cherry tomatoes, chopped
½ cup gold or orange cherry tomatoes, chopped
½ cup green cherry tomatoes, chopped
Olive oil
2 tsp. Fresh garlic, chopped
2 tsp. Fresh basil, chopped
Mix the tomatoes, garlic and basil together. Cover with olive oil. Toss well. Slice the bread
about ½ inch thick. Brush with butter. Grill or toast until just golden. Serve bread warm and
top with a healthy helping of the tomato mix. Enjoy!

The Art of Red Pesto
A delicacy of the Mt. Etna region of Sicily is a red pesto that is to die for! One of my favourite
dishes is a red pesto hash, but you can use it on any pasta or even in lasagna for a Sicilian

You’ll Need:
3 Red Potatoes, diced or quartered
½ cup Pancetta, cubed
¼ cup onion, diced
¼ cup green pepper, diced
½ teaspoon olive oil
2 tbsp. Red pesto

Boil the potatoes until almost soft enough to mash. Add oil to a frying pan and heat on
medium-high heat. Add onion and green pepper to the pan and saute for 7 minutes. Add
pancetta and heat through for 5 minutes. Add potatoes and cook until golden. Remove the
hash from the skillet and fold into a large bowl. Mix the red pesto in and toss until well-
coated. Enjoy with a fried or boiled egg, yogurt and a glass of orange juice.

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