The Best Diet for The Alcoholic

Alcoholics can develop sensitivity to foods over long periods of the disease. These sensitivities are often derived from foods from which alcohol is made. Foods like yeast, corn, potatoes, wheat, barley, grapes - and especially sugar. Alcoholics often develop hypoglycemia and gluten intolerance as a result of their disease and malnourishment. So what should you do when in recovery to help get your body back on track?

Start Taking Supplements
Your body has been drug through the gutter and you need to give it some herbal love! Alcoholics need a vitamin B rich diet full of antioxidants. Grab Mitadone Anti-Alcohol Aid and start putting the natural love back into your body. It’s also gluten-free! Because...

Cut Out The White Stuff
The first thing you should do when eradicating your diet for a sober lifestyle. Axe the gluten and sugar. No wheat. No sugar. No fructose. No rice. No bread. No pasta. That means most of your food should be natural veggies! That means no potatos, corn, parsnips, carrots, onions (cooked), peas, chickpeas, pumpkin, squash or yams. All of these are stacked with sugar and carbs.

No Sugary Drinks
Quite often, alcoholics go for sugary drinks - especially after a night of binge drinking as you have depleted all of the sugar from your blood. Toss out all sugary drinks and go for sparkling water. Many grocery stores have flavored options in cans for a grab and go right out of the fridge.

Limit Fruits & Gluten-Free Snacks
Fruits have sugar. It’s that simple. You can still enjoy them, just not everyday. Don’t try and replace your snacking habits. They’re habits. Gluten-free options are PACKED with sugar. Instead, add protein smoothies two or three times a day. Get into herbal teas: Herbal Teas That Help You Deal With Detox.



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