The Top Signs Your Body Is Under Stress

Our bodies do some funky things when we are under stress. The stress might be caused from work, friends or family, personal issues, or even living sober. When you start noticing these signs it’s time to take a time out, or even call your sponsor or doctor. No matter what you’re stressing about here are some things to look out for!

Headaches Are Taking Over
Constant headaches, especially around your temples, can be a large indication that you need to take a chill pill. Our bodies will often tell us when something is wrong and stress headaches will take over if you’re not dealing with yours!

Sugar Is All You Think About
People who are stressed out tend to reach for more junk food. Finding solace in sweet treats can also bring on weight gain and other health problems, that can then cause even more stress.

You Can’t Quench Your Thirst
Dry mouth can be a good indicator that you are very stressed, because there is a lack of saliva flowing through your mouth. This is brought on by a lack of blood flow in necessary areas of your body thanks to your heart pumping too much.

Dreams Are Starting To Get Weird
People tend to sleep less when they are under stress which can also cause emotionally vivid dreams. Dreams are connected to your mental and physical well-being, so being stressed can really cause some nightmares.

You Don’t Haven Any Sick Days
If you live in a constant state of stress, the natural hormone in your body that is designed to help you deal with that stress doesn’t work as well. Cortisol is designed to help our bodies naturally regulate stress. When it’s suppressed due to overwhelming or constant stress, we tend to frequent the doctor and call in sick.

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