Understanding Alcoholism Treatment: Living Modern & Sober

In today’s society, the treatment programs of the past might not work for you. You live a modern life. Modern life comes with way more triggers because of things like social media being in your face on your smartphone. Some researchers don’t think that the 12 Step Program is for everyone, that it simply might not work for everyone. So - how do you find the right treatment in today’s modern world?

In-Patient Programs
Depending on the severity of your alcoholism, an in-patient program may have a better benefit that a 12 Step Program. This is for those that simply need to be removed from the environment that constantly triggers. While a 12 Step Program can add support after an In-Patient Program, this program is more intense and can involve one on one counseling to help you understand why you drink or want to drink. In-Patient Programs aren’t always 28 days either. These programs can be 72 hour intense programs that introduce you to hard love and ways to change your habits - especially if you binge drink.

Boutique Meditation Class
Living sober means finding ways to be cool and sober. There are loads of sober yoga studios popping up around the globe in support of sober living. These studios focus on being mindful of being sober, sending you out into the world with the hope that you will get through today sober as well. Check out MNFL. This premiere meditation studio exists to “enable humans to feel good”.

Supplements for Less Stress
One of the best modern devices you can implement on your road to recovery is a supplement designed to reduce stress and cravings. Something to genuinely help you mentally and physically through the rough days. Check out Mitadone. They offer several options to help you get sober, stay sober and live happy!

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