Ways To Keep The Holidays Lavishly Stress-Free To Avoid Relapse

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone. For an addict they can be a time of relapse. When it comes to surviving the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you can do it successfully and sober. Here are some lavish holiday tips to follow to keep your holiday period merry and bright!

Survey Situations
Rank each holiday event, party and shopping trip as low, medium or high risk. If you think a high risk situation could cause you to relapse, you should avoid it - even if your family and friends do not understand and give you grief. Your sobriety is more important than someone else’s feelings. Wake up and tell yourself that EVERY DAY!

H.A.L.T. Your Triggers
When you feel hungry, angry, lonely, or tired be sure to take care of yourself. You’ll want to identify what your triggers are, so that you can create a plan to deal with each one. When you’re hungry eat what you want, not what someone else thinks that you should. If you’re angry, find ways to destress. Tired - get some real rest. Lonely? Enlist friends to help you beat the triggers with a good evening of food, fun and a movie or board game. Distraction is key to surviving the holiday stress.

Create a Merry Holiday Plan
Handle the difficult holiday moments with a really good plan to get you past the cravings quickly. When going to a holiday party, take a friend who doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs to help you stay distracted during the festivities. In the event that you end up at a holiday gathering or party on your own and get a craving:

●  Move to a different room or setting.

●  Remind yourself what is at stake if you give in to a craving.

●  Meditate or breathe deeply for 5 minutes.

Another great way to curb cravings is to implement a detox plan. Take a withdrawal aid to help you stay focused on your goal of sobriety through the holidays.

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