When You Just Can’t Lose The Weight No Matter What You Do

So many people find themselves in a rare place after taking or being addicted to certain drugs like opiates, heroin and alcohol. What they do to your body often takes more than a year or two to recover from - especially if you were taking them for a physical injury. Sometimes you do everything right, and still, you just can’t lose weight. You’re not alone.

Change Your Perspective
Whatever you’ve been taught about weight loss - throw it away. If nothing you’re doing is working you need to start over. Weight loss takes dedication, hard work, trial and error, a little faith, and a lot of support. Just like recovery, going to school, working on a new trade, you gotta start fresh and put all the heart you can into it. When you fail, simply stop, forgive yourself, breathe and try again.

Change Your Feelings About Food
Food is designed to help you get the body you want. You shouldn’t be dependent on food to make you feel a certain way or help you out of a fog. Because if you become dependent on food for anything other than strength in helping you workout and knock down weight loss goals, you’ll find it becomes an emotional crutch. Next thing you know, you’re knee deep in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and feeling ever so guilty. Sometimes supplements can help you keep from stressing about food. Check out www.mitadone.com for their amazing line of supplements that will help you stay focused on weight loss instead of your emotions.

Measure Everything

Even oil. I know it might sound like a bit too much, but this will get you eyeing up the right portions. That way food will become an even bigger tool in helping you lose weight. Make one of your protein portions liquid protein and use it as a snack or workout recovery tool. Make sure you add plenty of fruits and vegetables and limit your carbs to whole wheat and grain options.

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