You’re Still An Addict If You Abuse Your Own Prescriptions

When it comes to getting help, you have to be honest with others and yourself before you can recover from addiction. Many addicts convince themselves that if they take what is prescribed for them, they aren’t abusing drugs. However, opiate addicts work differently. The worst thing you can do in recovery is also to not be honest with your doctor - especially someone prescribing anti-anxiety and depression medication.

Come To Terms With Your Addiction
Sit down with your doctor and just be honest. Doctors became doctors to help others, not judge them for their mistakes. A good doctor will help you map out a treatment plan, and help you choose the right supplement to keep your stress at bay. If you find yourself asking your doctor for benzodiazepine, clonazepam, or klonopin to control anxiety - you are likely to have a relapse or abuse that prescription.

How To Treat Yourself With Supplements
Adding a natural supplement to your daily routine can help you manage stress, anxiety and daily activities without having a melt down or relapse. The reason you should avoid the prescription meds simply comes down to control. If you are an addict, you may convince yourself you can take control of your life. Then one bad day turns into you doubling up on your prescription. Then you run out of meds before you can get a refill. Then you find yourself buying opiates on the street like you did before.

That’s why Mitadone came up with natural solutions to all the things that can throw you into a relapse. We offer natural detox solutions to help you get off the opiates, detox your body and keep anxiety and stress off your shoulders for good. We focus on you, so you can focus on what’s important!



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