Herbal Teas That Help You Deal With Detox

When it comes to detox we should all take a sweet cue from herbs and herbal supplements that help our bodies naturally rid itself of toxins. That can mean physical detox, as well as calming of the nerves. When you’re super stressed you don’t get much done. You can become complacent, depressed and withdrawn. That’s the worst way to live, especially when you struggle each day to stay sober. With a little help from some herbal friends you can keep your body on gear toward one healthy lifestyle, one cup of tea at a time.

Your new healthy lifestyle with the aid of natural supplements like Mitadone to combat stress can certainly be amplified with detox teas. So what kind of teas should you be looking to add to your daily routine?

Go for Lemon & Ginger
Aid detox with some lemon and ginger, both will not only help support your liver as it works hard to get the toxins out - this tea will also give your immune system a boost to fight off bacteria and viruses as you cleanse your body. Tastes great hot with a bit of honey or iced on a hot day to kick start your morning!

Grab a Detox Tea
If you’re leaning toward an afternoon snack, grab a tea labeled detox. Both Yogi Tea and Traditional Medicinals craft delicious detox teas specifically designed to help rid your body of all the junk you’ve been putting in it - and naturally! Your detox tea should use pharmacopoeial grade herbs to promote healthy liver function.

Brew Some Dandelion Tea
You read that right! Those flowers you loved to pick as a kid can also act as a diuretic and flush your kidneys in a very sweet, natural way. 1 to 3 cups a day can lead to a very healthy flush of toxins. Just be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep from getting dehydration.



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