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  • SUPERFOOD BLEND; It’s time to say goodbye to your old fruits and veggies supplement that doesn’t live up to its promises; This double pack of vegetable gummies and fruit gummies from Vitany is packed with natural goodness; Our superfood chews are brimming with all natural ingredients and antioxidants to support better vitality
  • MADE IN USA; Choose American quality with our fruit and vegetable supplements; Vitinity healthy gummies are made right here in the USA under strict quality controls; When you demand daily supplements that meet North American standards, trust only Vitinity
  • ALL NATURAL; People love Vitinity fruits and vegetables supplements for the premium ingredients; Our fruit and veggie supplements for adults are GMO free, and contain no artificial flavors; Choose Vitinity for veggie and fruit supplements that taste the way nature intended
  • VITAL NUTRIENTS; A great way to add extra vegetable vitamins for adults that don’t get enough in their diet, Vitinity gummies are packed with essential nutrients; What’s more, our fruit and veggie gummies can help support a healthy immune system and assist in promoting clean and vibrant skin
  • VEGAN; Make the right choice with vegan greens and fruit gummies that are totally pectin based; Our fruit and veggie gummies is totally cruelty free and contains zero animals products; When you need fruit and vegetable vitamin gummies for adults that are kinder to the planet, Vitinity is the answer

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