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  • [More Bioavailable Than Pills]: Health Studies show greater bioavailability from fruit pectin food gummies compared to tablets or capsules and offer quick absorption while chewing and delivery to the digestive system.
  • [Cleanse & Detox]: Gut and Liver Health supports overall wellness. Maintaining a daily habit could help the system function at the highest potential
  • [Powerful Antioxidants]: Vitamin C,Zinc, Acai Fruit Extract with a mix of other superfruit extracts eliminate the toxins that are harmful to body cells and tissues.
  • [Organic Silica - The Beauty Support]:Organic silica is an essential trace element that can naturally generate collagen without the need for additional ingestion. Collagen is crucial in good condition of connective tissue with a regenerative action that keeps the skin looking youthful and contributing to the proper functioning of bones and joints.
  • [Re-Balance, Revive, Rejuvenate] These fruit chews contain vital nutrients supporting overall wellness with the formulation of essential vitamins and organic silica to keep the body and mind functioning at optimal levels.

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